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Investigators have recently found that most COVID-19 infections are coming from contact with an infected household member, followed by workplace transmission. "People are going to work while they are infectious, and sometimes while they are exhibiting symptoms as well," Link said. "There is definitely a concern by people of potentially losing their job if they are out of work, so they are coming in when they are advised to be at home." Community transmission, travel, small gatherings with non-household relatives or friends, and school sports - primarily basketball and cheerleading - are also contributing to the new cases reported, she said.  RELATED: Expect limited number of fans for state tournament games Link also pointed to the discovery of low levels of variant COVID-19 viruses in Boise-area wastewater earlier this week, stressing that the variant B.1.1.7, first discovered in the United Kingdom, was of particular concern. The U.K. variant is easier to contract: So much so that experts have warned it could be the dominant version of COVID-19 in the United States by the end of March, she said. "This is a virus that we know is more infectious. It is a virus that we have mounting evidence to show causes more severe disease," Link said. "As we look at this, I know we've gone through these surges multiple times now and we have seen that it takes a matter of weeks for our case counts to move from the range of being in an OK position to really in dangerous levels. And then we see it takes months to get back to that pre-surge level." Dr. Ted Epperly, who serves on the board, also sounded an alarm about the variant, telling his fellow board members that it is 25% more lethal than the original strain, and attacks a much younger group.  RELATED: Watch live now: Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee discusses vaccine rollout The age group most likely to be sickened by the UK variant is children aged 6 to 12, he said, with children under 6 as the second-most vulnerable group. Idaho's vaccine rollout is currently delivering doses to citizens 65 and over, with children's eligibility still far off. "Those groups are not vaccinated, and they won't be vaccinated for a long time," Epperly said. "Most of those kids have young parents, and those young parents won't be vaccinated for some period of time." If the board did choose to relax restrictions, Link said, she urged them to space them out to "allow for time in between those changes to be able to see the impact on community transmission." Elt Hasbrouck, who represents Valley County, said he was in favor of lifting the orders. The mandates had been aimed at preserving capacity in hospitals across the state, and had been successful in that goal, he said. "I think our decisions and our mandates that we put through worked great," he said. "I know a lot of people feel like their civil liberties were being impinged on, but hopefully you are still alive and can still protest because of what we did." RELATED: Extreme weather blamed for COVID-19 vaccine shipment delays throughout Idaho, eastern Oregon That said, he added, he felt as though the falling case rates supported relaxing the Ada and Valley County orders. "To me, it seems like we have got this pandemic under control and the public has been educated very well on what they should do to protect themselves," he said. CDH Director Russ Duke, who previously told KTVB that he did not believe the orders were still necessary amid falling case rates, noted that lifting the orders does not mean that Ada County and Valley County residents should stop wearing masks in public or relax their vigilance against COVID-19.

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“In these uncertain times, we believe these efforts and quick actions have really helped to maintain the continued orderly operation of the U.S. capital markets,” Lindsay said. The CAQ, which is affiliated with the AICPA, launched Monday a campaign called “Audit in Action” to put a face on the work auditors do through videos, blog posts, and other presentations of dynamic stories. The campaign will highlight auditors’ resilience during the pandemic; show how auditors provide value and leadership in areas such as assurance of ESG information and fraud deterrence; and demonstrate the multidisciplinary model of public company audit firms. Maintaining audit quality has been auditors’ most important objective during the pandemic, Lindsay said, highlighting three components that have contributed to continued quality: Technology. One of the stories in the Audit in Action campaign describes how Deloitte auditors used technology they have developed in recent years to facilitate a smooth transition to a remote auditing environment. “During the pandemic, auditors have really leveraged the technology that they’ve already been implementing,” she said. Cloud-based audit platforms and videoconferencing technology have been particularly valuable during the pandemic. Creativity. Auditors have applied their creativity to the challenges they have encountered in the remote environment. For example, practitioners have used GPS technology during video observation of inventory to verify that the cameras were located where clients indicated. “The standards have not changed at all during the pandemic, but the facts on the ground have changed,” Lindsay said. “Auditors have either reinforced or instituted new policies and procedures to deal with the facts on the ground.” Professional skepticism. The GPS example shows that auditors are continuing to apply their skepticism in innovative ways, Lindsay said. “That’s one of the core competencies of auditors,” she said. “They know they have to exercise extreme skepticism when remote auditing, perhaps even more so than when they were auditing in person.” Auditors also have provided value to audit committees and public companies by sharing their insight on technical accounting issues such as going concern and goodwill impairment that have been encountered in unprecedented ways during the pandemic, Lindsay said. As companies have begun phased reopenings after the initial lockdown, practitioners also have made a transition to a hybrid approach to audits, continuing remote work but also engaging in some face-to-face auditing when it’s deemed to be safe. “When it’s not safe to do it in person, they’re going to do it remotely,” Lindsay said. “When it can be done in person, they’re going to do it in person. But either way, whether it’s in person or remotely, across the board the same high standard for audit quality is maintained.” Lindsay expects future auditing developments to include: Both remote and in-person work.