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Goldberg thought she was trying to help her at first. “She grabbed me by my arms and pretty much just flung me down onto the ground, and got in the vehicle and took off. It was all in the matter of a minute,” Goldberg said. Carjackings are a problem across the Twin Cities. In Minneapolis, there have been more than 50 carjackings this year, and there have been 25 carjackings in St. Paul, compared to the six they had this time last year. Police say that the suspects are consistently young, between 13 – 20 years old. READ MORE: With Carjackings On The Rise, Here’s How To Avoid Becoming A Victim St. Paul police recently re-focused their attention on solving these carjackings by launching “Operation Intercept.” It’s an effort between SPPD’s Gangs and Guns Unit and their Narcotics Unit to investigate carjackings and make arrests. Right now, they are in the process of making eight new arrests, according to Jeff Stiff, commander of the Gangs and Guns Unit. “With the arrests that we have made, and I’m going to knock on wood here, we’ve been carjack free for about seven days,” Stiff said. While St. Paul is seeing a trend in the right direction, victims of these carjackings are left dealing with their trauma and fear indefinitely. “I’m angry that people can do that to other people and change the way they live,” Goldberg said. Her and her husband’s truck is still missing. She says the front passenger headlight is out, and there‘s a Marine Corp sticker on the back window.

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A dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Photograph: Lukasz Sokol/Bloomberg Photograph: Lukasz Sokol/Bloomberg Your Web Browser may be out of date. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 our Audio player will not work properly. For a better experience use Google Chrome , Firefox or Microsoft Edge . The HSE has responded to a Dáil claim that staff at a childcare provider were inoculated for Covid-19 out of sequence, insisting that “vaccinations are being carried out in accordance with guidelines and regulations”. It came as HSE chief executive Paul Reid separately said the organisation was working with GPs to address supply “issues” that had arisen in recent days in relation to vaccines. There have been some complaints by GPs and politicians claiming late delivery of vaccines or changes in delivery times. Labour Party leader Alan Kelly raised concerns about the vaccine rollout in the Dáil. He said that, “alarmingly”, his colleague Brendan Howlin told him about a childcare provider in Wexford that “possibly [put] some pressure on the HSE” and “has actually got all their staff vaccinated”. Mr Kelly suggested these could be “young people – 20s, 30s, 40s”. He also highlighted concerns raised by Mayo GP Dr Keith Swanick, who has said a neighbouring GP got 420 vaccines while he and another doctor got none. Mr Kelly said: “We cannot have such anomalies happening. It’s not equitable.” Religious order feared ‘we would all be wiped out’ by Covid-19 Mr Reid was asked about the alleged incident in Wexford at the HSE’s weekly press conference on Thursday. He said “many checks and controls” had been put in place to prevent people being vaccinated outside the order of prioritisation. Mr Reid added: “If something like that has happened, we’ll be more than happy to investigate it.” On Thursday night a spokesman for the HSE’s South East Community Healthcare network said: “Vaccinations are being carried out in accordance with guidelines and regulations.” He said rollout in the region had included residents and healthcare staff in nursing homes and other care centres; staff in community healthcare services; staff employed in Section 38 and 39 agencies supported by the HSE; and patients aged over 85. He did not respond to a further query on whether the staff vaccinated could include childcare workers. Separately, the Dáil heard a claim by People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith that vaccines for more than 100 people had not arrived in the Dublin suburb of Ballyfermot. Meanwhile, Mr Reid said there was “a lot of discussion going on” about issues that had arisen, particularly in the past 48 hours and relating to rural GPs. He described the process as “complex”. The HSE said it had set up a support team to help GPs place their orders and “understand delivery arrangements”. The HSE and the Irish Medical Organisation were working with a small number of practices to identify “solutions” for their patients, it said.